how many calories do you burn in hot yoga

how many calories do you burn in hot yoga

Hot Yoga and calorie burning.Calorie burning is relative and there are many big players in this game. The two main players are gender and weight. Males burn more calories than females and at the same time, the larger you are the more you burn. Besides this, there are other variables that factor into the equation such as your present state of fitness, what type of gene pool your body created and how much effort you bring to hot yoga class sessions among others. It is not easy to tell how many calories are burnt, but burning off ten, twenty or even fifty calories is not the end of the world. Losing weight is one among the many benefits of hot yoga. At the same time yoga increases metabolism in the body, which is a continuous process and is also a factor that leads to weight loss.

What is hot yoga? 

The most common type of hot yoga is Bikram yoga, which is one of the yoga kings when it comes to burning off calories. The ideal conditions for hot yoga are one-hundred-five degrees together with forty percent humidity. These conditions have been said to increase the body’s energy demands (simply the body needs to burn more calories). The heat leads to loosening of muscles and at the same time, allows more intense and flexible movements. The standard hot yoga program has 26 yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises. It also involves mental discipline which probably is more than the physical element of most people. All the factors mentioned, work together to help create cardiovascular workout that is on par with any other aerobic workouts available. Hot yoga is challenging but, at the same time very effective. Sessions can be 3 to 5 times in a week and a single session runs for 90 minutes.

Being consistent in the attendance of hot yoga sessions helps burn more calories. Someone who attends hot yoga sessions three times a week will burn more calories each session as compared to one who attends the sessions once a week. Of course, there are other players in burning calories, such as eating healthy, getting enough sleep and staying hydrated. This will work well when combined with hot yoga detox and empowerment courses.

A standard yoga class teaches hartha yoga, which involves the physical practice of yoga postures. This comes last in terms of calorie burning, but it does not mean it is a walk in the park. It helps burn an average of 180 calories over the course of an hour.

Next up to hartha yoga is power yoga, which is referred to as Ashtanga yoga. This involves more continuous movement than the hartha yoga. This leads to nearly double the number of calories burnt in hartha yoga: i.e. 350 calories per hour. It will amaze you that you can triple the numbers with the help of wall yoga.

Hot yoga and calorie burning 

The first runner’s up of all yoga types is hot yoga. Bikram yoga is actually the second most effective yoga type when talking of burning calories. It averages at 475 calories per hour. It has 26 postures with various unique breathing exercises. The styles used include corepower yoga and Canadian import Moksha yoga, which is known as modo yoga in the United States. The heat conditions help release toxins within the body. So a typical hot yoga session, running for ninety minutes is going to burn 721 calories. This is roughly the same number of calories you would burn if you chose to do the butterfly stroke for an hour. Yogis claim that an expert hot yoga practitioner who is determined and intense can burn up to 1000 calories in a single session. Hot yoga has also been praised in calorie burning effect due to its weight-bearing positions.

The initial weight lost in hot yoga sessions is water weight, which is lost through excessive sweating. This weight can be gained back, as staying hydrated is essential. The temperatures of the body can be regulated during hot yoga through a process known as thermoregulation. This will conserve heat when it is cold. Hot yoga increases the heart rate which leads to the burning of calories during the session.

Hot yoga also has other benefits that lead to burning of calories, such as promoting flexibility, reduce stress and helps manage cholesterol issues. The superior exercises in hot yoga are what leads to burning of calories.

The things to consider in hot yoga session include:

· Having your own yoga mat as you will sweat a lot. The mat should have a towel that will absorb the sweat.

· Ensure to take lots of water before taking a yoga class session as the main weight lost during the session is water weight. It is advisable not to eat during the two hours before attending the class.

· Hot yoga is not advisable for pregnant women as it raises the core body temperature.

· The recommended dressing during a hot yoga session is clothing that is light weight which, allows the skin to breathe and the sweat to evaporate.

Other major benefits of hot yoga.

· It improves the respiratory system.

· Reduces stress and calms the body and mind which helps sleep better.

· Improves blood circulation.

· Can lead to the reduction of illnesses and conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, depression and asthma.

· Regulates weight and metabolism.

With the many types of yoga available it is essential to choose the one which suites you best. This will be determined by your lifestyle, health condition, time, environment and much more. Remember, yoga is not a competition but rather a training process and needs adequate mental discipline.

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