How to Naturally Lose Fat in One Week

how much fat can you lose in a week

Lose fat in one week is not as far-fetched as it sounds. There is a way to lose fat in one week, and it is totally achievable when you follow a set of instructions and guidelines. The key to losing fat starting from the first week is by altering your lifestyle and eating habits. Note we are talking about losing fat, not weight. For many individuals, these terms are almost interchangeable, but losing fat is far much better alternative because of its various health advantages. Here are some of the ways on how to lose fat in a week.

1. Avoid junk food

Usually, most individuals have at least three meals a day. However, a common mistake that most people commit is skipping breakfast followed by a heavy lunch and dinner. Others will have several tea breaks in between meals and end up taking countless varieties of snacks and junk foods. If you want to lose fat within the shortest time, the first step is to avoid taking junk food. As you all know, junk food contains unhealthy levels of sugar and fat that makes us add weight very fast.

2. Never skip your breakfast

The next time on how to lose fat in one week is to change your eating habits. Did you know skipping breakfast is one of the reasons why people add weight very fast? Eating breakfast is paramount as it will fill you up and give you sufficient energy for the day, lessening the chances of overeating your lunch or supper. When you skip your breakfast, your body will start going through the starvation and survival mode. This makes it conserve the energy by stopping to burn the fat. Breakfast is critical as it helps your body to refuel after a long period of sleep.

3. Drink water

Drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water daily will help you to burn the extra fat very fast. Water contains no calories and carbs. It also has little to no sodium, making it a great drink to help you lose fat. Strangely but true, drinking water will help to flush out excess water in your body and start your metabolism which will burn the excess fat.

4. Exercise

Exercising daily will help you to burn excess fat within days. Ensure you go to a gym and workout for at least thirty minutes a day. Exercising will help you to replace the excess fat in your body with muscles. Some of the exercises that will help you to burn the excess fat include squats running sit ups, press ups and any other exercise that will make your body to sweat.

5. Portion control

The next step is portion control. Portion control will not only help you to avoid overeating but will also help you not to deprive your body what it needs to be more healthy. Your mind tends to influence you to take a snack or more food to refuel it. Even if you try to cut down the portion for the three meals, you will still find yourself unknowingly trying to fill your stomach by snacking. The best solution here is to break the three meals into smaller portions. This will allow you to feed your body over the course of the week.

Along with these tips, you may also consult health professionals to help you lose fat in a healthy manner. The professionals will have a look at your current body state and help you to come up with a program that assists you on how to shed off the fat. Remember, everyone’s body is different from the other. The health professional will evaluate your body’s strength and weaknesses and create a plan that is suitable for you.